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UX Audit

Let us unlock your website's UX potential. 


Why is this audit important for you?

The UX your website offers could be set back for a number of reasons: 

  • Missing customer profiles
  • Unknown user hurdles
  • No solution approach
  • Lack of resources
  • No measurement of success
  • Static approach

The result: Valuable leads are getting lost.

What needs to be done?

With a well-thought-out user journey, intuitive operation, efficient customer approach and high accessibility, you can address all of your target groups with an outstanding UX design. This strengthens customer loyalty and clearly sets you apart from your competitors.

The benefits for you?

  • We conduct a UX audit tailored to your market — it includes SEO, web traffic and social media. 
  • You receive a qualitative and quantitative description of the potential per channel.
  • We make a recommendation on how this potential can be exploited.

What does the service cost?

Our service can be booked from EUR 5,000 depending on the effort involved.

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