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The recipe for success for successful marketing automation

16 workflow examples to help your team do their job

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What does the everyday life of a marketer actually look like? Mostly like this:

  1.   1. Check and respond to 3,000,000 emails
  2.   2. Plan and check five campaigns simultaneously
  3.   3. Generate content
  4.   4. Juggle numbers
  5.   5. Coordinate events
  6.   6. Brief PR
  7.   7. Meetings, meetings, and more meetings
  8.   8. Fight with IT
  9.   9. Discussing with sales
  10. 10. Talking on the phone with service providers

Do you recognise these activities? What if we told you that you could automate many of them? You'd have a lot more time to be creative again and really implement new ideas. In our eBook, we'll show you how you can easily do this in HubSpot.

What do you need? A little time to read and a lot of joy in realising new ideas.